Nothing Says Lovin’ Like Bacon Salt


I saw a friend post a link for “Bacon Salt” a few weeks ago, and it was like a lightbulb moment.

David would love that! What a great idea! 

I decided to make it as part of his Valentine’s Day present. For weeks, I lived in fear (well…not that bad) that bacon salt would be trending in a food blog or something that he reads. I thought surely this will be the day he comes home and excitedly tells me that he is going to make bacon salt.

But, that didn’t happen.

Then, a few days before Valentine’s Day, I went out and bought the bacon. With Trip. I thought either a) Trip is going to tell him OR b) David is going to find the bacon in the fridge and ask why I bought it.

That didn’t happen!

A few days before the 14th, Trip and I went to Michaels. They were offering a free kids’ craft activity to make a frame. Trip decorated a frame for David, and then we found a container for the bacon salt. When David asked Trip what we did that day, Trip responded, “We went to Michaels…we did nothing there.” Oh, yeah. We’re not suspicious at all.

And then, February 13, I waited until David was asleep to begin baking the bacon. As the bacon aroma wafted through the house, I thought this is going to either a) wake David up OR b) cause everyone to have dreams of bacon (there are worse things).

Sadly, “b” didn’t happen. (Now wouldn’t that be an original gift. You dreamed about bacon last night? You’re welcome.) Fortunately, “a” didn’t happen either.

I left the bacon to cool, but I hid it before I went to bed.

While David was at work on Valentine’s Day, I finished up the bacon salt. I had a *crisis* moment. I had blotted the bacon pieces after baking them, and the bacon strips were cooked very crispy. Still, once I started to blend it in the food processor, the bacon started to seem more like paste. (So, note to self, next time don’t get bacon with a high fat content?!) I thought I was going to have to give David “salty bacon paste.” But, I was able to render the fat and got the bacon paste to look more like bacon bits. I put it in the container so it’d be ready when he got home.

I made the mistake of not labeling it. We’ve moved recently, and I just didn’t know where anything was.

baconSo, when David got home and Trip and I gave him his presents. David looked at the jar, and I said, “It’s bacon salt!” He didn’t seem all that excited about the jar of bacon salt goodness that I just gave him, which I found confusing because the man gets excited over anything bacon related.

I think it just took time for it to sink in. He told me later that he thought it was one of Trip’s “science experiments” that I was giving him.

But, once he figured out it was a legit bacon product and not a four year old’s science experiment, he started coming up with ideas…most of which are already out there on the internet if you look for bacon salt recipes. Use it on eggs, sprinkle it on this or that…

Today, we are back to making bread in the bread machine. David was preparing the loaf. Knowing that the recipes call for salt, I said, “You should use the bacon salt.” His eyes went wide with the possibility. So, we’ve got bread made with bacon salt baking right now.

Overall, I think this bacon salt thing was a success.

The recipe I used was at the blog Not Quite Nigella.


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