Leslie Sansone Mix & Match Walk Blasters Review


I received a complimentary copy of this DVD for review purposes. Associate links are marked with a (*).

Leslie Sansone’s Mix & Match Walk Blasters* is a time-efficient, low impact workout. The DVD has ten 10-minute workouts. Each workout has a different theme, so there’s a lot of variety. The segments include:

  • Light Walk
  • Brisk and Steadyls walk
  • Interval Walk
  • Short and Sweaty
  • Walk, Kick, and Jab
  • Dance Walk
  • Tummy Trimmer
  • Lower Body Blast
  • Upper Body Blast
  • Flexibility Walk

The “Light Walk” can serve as a warm-up for the other segments, and the “Flexibility Walk” can be the cool down. All the segments feature familiar moves like marching in place, side steps, and kicks. There’s also newer moves like skaters (done without jumping) and standing oblique crunches. There are zero complicated steps. The program is really easy to follow.

This is one of the most unique DVDs offered by Leslie. There’s no counting miles. One mile usually is about 14 minutes in Leslie’s workouts. I don’t think I’ve ever done a walk-at-home workout that was shorter than that. The Mix & Match program gives you more control over the length of the workout. The addition of toning segments adds to this fitness program. The segments are done without weights, but Leslie suggests that hand weights can be added.  There are several pre-programmed combinations that can be selected from the menu.

Leslie also gives a healthy lifestyle tips in each segment. These are simple tips like not skipping breakfast, maintain a habit of walking, and keep your spirit fed. Leslie calls her program “sensible fitness,” and it really is a sensible program (especially for fitness newbies).

As always, Leslie is bubbly. She chats with the individuals around her. She seems to be having fun, and her enthusiasm carries over to the workout.

The workouts are low intensity and are good for beginners. A single segment can also be done as a pick-me-up. The workout will not challenge someone with more fitness experience, but they are good for recovery days.

Halloween Playlist 2014


I love listening to my Halloween playlist during the month of October! Here’s some songs I added for this year:

  1. Heads Will Roll, Yeah Yeah Yeahs


    Halloween 2012

  2. Halloween, Dave Matthews Band
  3. The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead, XTC
  4. Monsters, Sarah McLachlan
  5. King Tut, Steve Martin & the Toot Uncommons
  6. Werewolf, Five Man Electrical Band
  7. Witchcraft, Frank Sinatra
  8. Candy, Iggy Pop
  9. Back from the Grave, Chromatics
  10. It’s Tricky, Run DMC
  11. Scare Him, Toots & the Maytals
  12. Midnight Rider, The Allman Brothers Band
  13. Caring is Creepy, The Shins
  14. A Nightmare on my Street, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  15. Dead Man’s Party, Oingo Boingo

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The Kupp Review


Have you heard of The Kupp’ yet? It is a six-ounce glass (with protective silicone sleeve) designed for kids ages 3-10.

These are beautiful and unique kids’ glasses. The Kupp’ is colorful. It is available in four bright colors: blue, orange, red, kupp-product-shotand green. The silicone sleeve is BPA/BPS free.

I love the sleeve. It has a sturdy handle that makes the glass fun to use. Trip pretended he was drinking coffee from a mug. (I didn’t realize how most kids cups don’t have handles, especially once we were out of the sippy cup stage.) The Kupp’ is also attractive and looks better on a dining room table than a plastic cup.

The Kupp’ comes with a challenge. The idea is that each child in the family is assigned a Kupp’. The Kupp’ is their responsibility. They are supposed to put it on the table at mealtimes, clean it, and put it away. The hope is that this will  become a habit and help reduce waste and/or help you reduce the amount of dishwashing. (My husband joked the challenge was not just for the kid.)

I asked Trip which color he wanted. Not surprisingly, he answered, “I want the red one!” And so our challenge began…..

All right, Trip used the red cup consistently. I wasn’t always consistent with enforcing the washing and putting away, though. Trip would have to use a step ladder to wash, and he wouldn’t be able to reach the cabinet without climbing on the counter.

I can personally attest that the silicone sleeve helps protect the glass. Trip never dropped the glass. However, one day I bumped the Kupp’ in the cabinet. It fell onto the counter and bounced to the floor. There wasn’t a chip on the glass.

The Kupp’ is easy to take care of. It is dishwasher safe, and the sleeve doesn’t have to be removed to wash it. Sometimes little debris can get stuck between the glass and the silicone sleeve. But, the sleeve can be removed and replaced really easily.

Overall, we loved the Kupp’! They are gorgeous, kid-friendly glasses. The Kupp’ retails for $16.99.

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What I’m Loving Wednesday


1. Gone Girl 

Gone Girl opened in theaters last weekend. I was excited to see a screening of the movie. I read the book last winter, so I was looking forward to how they put it on the big screen. Usually, the book is so much better than the movie. But, Gone Girl is one movie that holds its own. It’s a dark movie that was punctuated with some derisive laughs.  As the credits rolled, the guy next to me exclaimed, “That was pure evil.”

2.  Houston Zoo

We have a membership to the Houston Zoo. Having the membership allows the family to go when we want throughout the year. I really enjoy that we can go for a couple hours and not feel like we have to stay longer just because we paid a high entrance fee.

Trip and I went to hear one of the Wildlife Speakers, Julian Fennessey of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Unfortunately, it seems like the situation is bleak for giraffes in the wild. Fennessey and others are working with local scholars and other interested parties in Africa to conserve giraffe populations.

It was an informative and interesting presentation, and I love that Trip is learning and thinking about wildlife. (His question for Dr. Fennessey was “Why do giraffes have different patterns?”)



3. Reading & Writing 

Or rather…hearing and seeing Trip reading and writing! He’s making huge strides in kindergarten, and it makes this mom very, very proud and happy!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Movie


Trip and I saw a screening of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and it had us both laughing.

The movie is kind of like an inversion of the book by Judith Viorst. Alexander still has bad days, but for one day his familyalex will experience just how terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things can get. This is one case where you can’t really compare the movie to the book.

At the root of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day is the fact the the Cooper family has over scheduled itself. I mean, really…what family has a job interview, a major work project, testing for a driver’s license, high school prom, a school play, and a kid’s birthday party all scheduled on the same day? Oops…The Coopers. Throw in the fact that the alarms malfunctioned, the car won’t start, a kid gets sick, the babysitter cancels… and you’ve got the makings for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for the Cooper clan.

There are plenty of laughs for both adults and children, although some of it is literally potty humor. (Including a “book reading” with Dick Van Dyke telling some of them!) The movie gets its PG rating for the crude humor and reckless behavior.

The movie stars Steve Carell (pirate shirt wearing, kangaroo hunter, fommy), Jennifer Garner (just trying to get to work on time), Ed Oxenbould (just wants to have a good day and do a report on Australia), Dylan Minnette (“Wreck It Ralph” accident-prone teen just trying to please a demanding girlfriend and #Blessed), and Kerris Dorsey (cough syrup guzzling Peter Pan) as the Coopers. There are also appearances by Donald Glover, Jennifer Coolidge, Dick Van Dyke, and an ensemble of authentic Australian cowboys.

Barre Fitness with Jessica Smith Review


Another Jessica Smith review! I received a complimentary copy of Barre Fitness for review. Also, I’ve marked Amazon Associate links (*).

I really do love Jessica Smith workouts! Her routines are varied. There are many different styles–dance, walking, barre, yoga…

Barre Fitness includes three ballet-inspired workouts. Each workout is 20 minutes and are done without shoes. The description of each workout from the cover:

CARDIO BALLET (20 Minutes) Forget that boring treadmill; burn calories with the grace of a barreballerina! This fat-burning, ballet-inspired session works up a surprising sweat in a small amount of space, no equipment required.

BARRE BURN (20 Minutes) Lift, shape and define your entire body with this cardio sculpting barre workout. A sturdy chair and a set of light hand weights (2- to 8-pounds, depending on level) are recommended for this routine.

FLOOR BARRE (20 Minutes) Cinch, tighten and stretch – without ever leaving the ground – with this total body conditioning routine. A mat and a small soft ball or pillow are recommended for this workout.

The Cardio Ballet workout is more challenging than expected. It is at an intermediate level. There are some jumps, but Jessica demonstrates modifications. Jessica also reminds you that no one expects you to be a perfect dancer! But, in the privacy of your own home you can kind of start to feel like one!

Barre Burn is a standing workout. There are strength moves that also work balance and coordination, and you can start to feel the burn. As Jessica says, “Burning means it’s working. That’s our motto with barre.”

The final segment, Floor Barre, is done on the floor. I used a mini stability ball*. Whew! This one works your abs! (“Hello abs!”)

Jessica is always friendly and gives great cues and modifications. Her chatter is sometimes spontaneous and good for a chuckle. At one point, she indicates that something should be where your back pocket was if you’re wearing jeans. She stops for a second and adds, “I’m sure you’re wearing pants, just not jeans, right now.”

Barre Fitness is available at Jessica Smith’s website.

Jessica Smith also offers great (FREE) workouts on her YouTube channel.

Here’s another one to use that mini stability ball:


The Maze Runner Movie


I saw a screening of The Maze Runner in Houston last week.

The Maze Runner was directed by Wes Ball. While the movie departs in places from the YA novel by James Dashner, it was thrilling to watch. The cast (check them out on IMDb) did a nice job of bringing the Glade and the Maze to life on the big screen. For most of the movie, the onscreen personalities are a group of teenage males. They are stuck in The Glade and have built a functioning society in a mysterious setting surrounded by the Maze. It may remind you of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, but in The Maze Runner, the terror comes from without instead of within.

The movie reminded me of an M. Night Shyamalan film, especially movies like Signs and The Village. There was the physical presence of danger, but there was also a psychological element. I don’t usually watch movies from the horror genre (unless they are 1930s classics), so this PG-13 film was about as scary as I like my movies.

The Maze Runner will be in theaters September 19.